Monday, November 3, 2014

Art of Communication

It seems that with virtual living, communication is becoming more and more difficult, specially when it comes to keeping a good pace of vision sharing or business motion with others. Daily events are taking place at such a higher pace than usual, with a much broader exposure to different type of information, which requires more mental efforts in memory retention. 
The more information we try to retain and process, the less awareness or focus, which tends to lower the intensity of our connections with others. As we're going through a new attempt to make our bonds with others stronger and more meaningful, we need to remind ourselves about Communication as an art. In fact, quality communication is a skill set that needs to be constantly revamped by feedback means. 
If we try to look closely about leadership communication, we find that leadership coaching remains the best way to assist leaders in better communication quality. One of key challenges remains two-ways communication which ensures that a message is perfectly exchanged by both receiver and transmitter. Among the worst pitfalls that we're experiencing in today's world is indentified within political leadership contexts, where a receiver could never answer his senders. This phenomena is getting amplified which will have serious negative impact on managing societies practices and side psychological effects.
Time will tell that transformational leaders will be in a better position to change towards getting back to basics for the sake of communicating effectively not only by using perfect wording, but by ensuring that each interaction is being considered as a unique experience in a lifetime.    

The more we think that our world is becoming a place where events are going fast, that daily life is full of events which makes us feel touched by a thought, an idea, some bad news or a word said by someone, the more we are likely to be stressed. 

Such stress, is far from being beneficial as some people believe that stress will keep you excited or drive you to become more creative. In fact, such stress comes with a number of important negative effects on health, performance and wellness. 

We have all the reasons to justify our need for stress management which helps directly improve emotional stability being a source of increased success.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Coaching business

While Coaching is still to be well perceived by the majority of present and potential beneficiaries, it's important to consider a key principle about coaching being the intangible element at the very first beginning of its inception. The ultimate quality level of a coach performance is the one who keeps money aside for the sake of practice as a life vocation. If for a number of reasons, academia and corporate world both insist on considering coaching as business, then we have to know that coaching is far from being a convential business.

If in metaphor a coaching business is to be a tree, it's seed can't be money and same applies to its fruits. Why? because the source of coaching is human intelligence for the sake of improving it and the practice of coaching is a combination of art and science. That's why coaching should be considered as a mastery of making Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Mentorship cruise in the same «ship». Coaching is a form of water which source is human in constant learning about human existence, intelligence, behaviour, and the true meaning of freedom. 

April 2014 I B El-Khoury 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Emotional Education applied to Healthcare
It's been learned through time that luxury will never exist without wellness as it's source. Wellness will always be affected if time and stress are wrongly managed. As we have one life to live, and since nothing is given but life, we need to take our fair share of time. 

By taking time properly, quality will increase, results will improve, people will be more satisfied and true happiness will increase. 

Happiness therapy is well proven and it could be contagious with a direct impact in patients healing process. A stressed nurse, a sick doctor or tired helper are more likely to contribute in the illness of their patient and families rather than curing them. Such cycle could create a vicious circle which will only increase the number of patients vs the number of fit healthcare members.

In today's public health organizations and some private ones, where the main emphasis is more on productivity by optimizing human, material and financial resources, healthcare is in jeopardy. 

After a decade of practicing Emotional Education we're confident about EE capacity to empower change actors for enabling transformational leadership and sustainable innovation in any given organization. 

Ibrahim Bruno El-Khoury
Published in Montreal, 11 February 2014

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Coup d'oeil sur PME 2014 - Le nouveau management

Espoir et Économie sont des opposés

Sûrement l'évolution du management «différent» ne serait plus le management «conventionnel». L'évolution de toute chose serait une autre chose. Qui allait croire que l'évolution du premier ordinateur IBM qui occupait tout un étage il y a plus que 100 ans, allait se réduire à la taille d'un micro périphérique.

L'étude académique du management des grandes écoles dans son état actuel, stipule qu'il n'y a pas de management sans outils de mesures. Le management reste encore un ensemble de fonctions et processus organisationnels pour la gestion des ressources humaines, financières et matérielles dans une structure précise. Les principes de base du management classique dépendent surtout des capacités rationnelles et quantitatives.

Une entreprise ne doit pas manquer ses ressources nécessaires à sa survie. Donc elle a besoin d'identifier des objectifs mesurables et de planifier pour les atteindre. Le résultat des comptes reste le chiffre d'affaires ainsi que les profits. C'est la loi économique capitaliste qui mène encore les jeux tant qu'il y a des marchés boursiers.

Mais puisque nous sommes dans une ère d'économie du savoir qui déclenche des dynamiques de prise de conscience, le management est obligé à composer dans un monde qui change à la seconde. Le destin d'une organisation dépend surtout de sa capacité humaine de s'adapter aux mutations, tout en évoluant. C'est comme si nous étions dans un bateau en pleine tempête tout en maintenant le cap pour arriver à bon port.

Évoluer ne peut jamais se faire sans créer et imaginer d'où le besoin de l'innovation continue. Concevoir, se représenter des choses dans l'esprit et inventer tout ce qui est bien et beau dans un contexte collectif, exige un état d'âme qui est dans son mieux. Là, nous ne sommes plus dans le quantitatif. On est dans l'humeur et l'émotionnel. Voilà que la vérité nous montre encore une fois que la durabilité est basée sur la qualité dont sa source principale reste l'affectivité. D'où la raison d'être du Leadership. 

Ibrahim Bruno El-Khoury
Publié à Montréal, 25 Janvier 2014 

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