Monday, September 30, 2013


At this point of time of a life trip path, when thinking about what makes someone wakeup at 4 am with enough motivation for another day of existence, it all comes down to our passion essence.

Such essence is pretty much a source of inspiration which guides our Think-Feel daily motion driving us into pro-acting, acting, or reacting to a number of situations. The more aware we could be, the better is our decision making which could result into whatever we thought or felt we wanted to do.

Part of such activities, are willingness to learn and capacity to create, while meeting others for a first time, or meeting someone for the sake of collaboration and more.

In today's changing world, sometimes confusing, it's becoming more and more difficult to know if we really want to develop a relationship with another person be it a partner, colleague, mate or associate, if so why, and how long such relationship could sustain.

Starting, developping and maintaining longterm relations, should be definitely built on solid grounds with all possible good intentions to make these links sustain. That seems to be an extremly difficult task which comes with a number of challenges.

While the world is constantly changing with a substantial daily impact on intangible key elements be it love, peace, health, work, study, values, principles, religion, family, and friendship, we see emotional stability becoming more and more fragile.

Such instability is making people lose grounds when it comes to self confidence and recognition, which leads to improper communications, trigering conflict patterns. Despite the fact what we're experiencing seems to be dissapointing, it's pushing us towards an increased awareness for a direct interest in Emotional Education. That's where hope comes from same as motivation.