Saturday, April 12, 2014

Coaching business

While Coaching is still to be well perceived by the majority of present and potential beneficiaries, it's important to consider a key principle about coaching being the intangible element at the very first beginning of its inception. The ultimate quality level of a coach performance is the one who keeps money aside for the sake of practice as a life vocation. If for a number of reasons, academia and corporate world both insist on considering coaching as business, then we have to know that coaching is far from being a convential business.

If in metaphor a coaching business is to be a tree, it's seed can't be money and same applies to its fruits. Why? because the source of coaching is human intelligence for the sake of improving it and the practice of coaching is a combination of art and science. That's why coaching should be considered as a mastery of making Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Mentorship cruise in the same «ship». Coaching is a form of water which source is human in constant learning about human existence, intelligence, behaviour, and the true meaning of freedom. 

April 2014 I B El-Khoury