Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Emotional Education applied to Healthcare
It's been learned through time that luxury will never exist without wellness as it's source. Wellness will always be affected if time and stress are wrongly managed. As we have one life to live, and since nothing is given but life, we need to take our fair share of time. 

By taking time properly, quality will increase, results will improve, people will be more satisfied and true happiness will increase. 

Happiness therapy is well proven and it could be contagious with a direct impact in patients healing process. A stressed nurse, a sick doctor or tired helper are more likely to contribute in the illness of their patient and families rather than curing them. Such cycle could create a vicious circle which will only increase the number of patients vs the number of fit healthcare members.

In today's public health organizations and some private ones, where the main emphasis is more on productivity by optimizing human, material and financial resources, healthcare is in jeopardy. 

After a decade of practicing Emotional Education we're confident about EE capacity to empower change actors for enabling transformational leadership and sustainable innovation in any given organization. 

Ibrahim Bruno El-Khoury
Published in Montreal, 11 February 2014